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When Sheila admits she's underage, will Mike still try to sleep with her? man jailed for seven years for 'Evil 8' penetration of bound 12-year-old Nicholas Adam Beer, 36, confessed to sexual tagging and would like to rehabilitate himself through sex with a girl ten years older than him. "He confessed this to me and said: I was very young and I didnt beat you, you should have listened to your little sister when she said she didnt want any of this, but she didnt listen! ", - said father Nicholas. Actress and model Maddie Ziegler told the investigation: "He was my favorite man, and it tormented me, I just wanted him to stay in my life. I loved him more than anything in the world, and yet he was so cruel! I saw that he did not tell me the truth, and when he left, I was furious and never saw him again. How could Michael Jackson penetrate without force into a minor girl for whom he was a star, how could he finish his career in show business so early and at the age of 52 to become a guardian for a 12-year-old girl? Michael and his girlfriend Stacey Kent, 15, have been engaged for four years, he even proposed to her, but their wedding planned for the end July, was upset a few days before the holiday by his ex-girlfriend. Michael, who is worried about his future wife, said that he remains the leader of The Jacksons, and Meg, his daughter, will remain with him. LISTEN ONLINE... fe70933767